Jockey’s Volumetric Fit System

When I think of Jockey, the term “game changer” doesn’t usually come to mind. However, they may be onto something with their new “Volumetric” fitting system. Basically, you can head over the to Jockey website, order their $20 fit-kit, and measure yourself for a bra.

Screen shot 2013-06-03 at 11.20.19 PM

What’s different about this measuring system is that it doesn’t use the traditional 3 measurement points (chest, bust, and rib) with a measuring tape to determine your band and cup size. The fit-kit comes with 10 plastic cups, 1 being the smallest and 10 being the largest, that you fit over your breast to determine your cup size. It also comes with a colour coded measuring tape (double sided I may add – so that you can read the numbers while looking into the mirror), which allows you to determine your rib size. Traditionally to determine one’s rib size, you would wrap the measuring tape firmly across the rib cage under the bust, and add 5 to that measurement. Jockey’s measuring tape does that math for you to avoid confusion, and their rib sizes include 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 and 42.


Now with these measurements, you come up with a number that determines your Jockey bra size, such as 5-32, 8-40 or 6-34. The letters are taken out, completely – which I don’t think is such a bad idea, since a lot of people tend to freak out or simply can’t accept the truth once they realize their accurate cup size. I have yet to test out the system, but a good guess as to what a 34C size might look like in Jockey’s new sizing is 3-34 (3 = C cup, 34 = rib cage). The system allows for 55 different combinations, or 55 bra sizes. Once you determine your size, you can order a style that suits your shape on the website for $60. None of the bras have underwires, but they use a Jockey patented, wire-free 3D patented shape to match the unique curve of a woman’s body.

Here’s a screenshot from a video uploaded onto the Jockey website of a traditional underwire vs. the Jockey contour wireless-free shape:

jockey wire

Here’s the full range of Jockey products that correspond to the volumetric sizing system. The bras come in Black, White or Beige. all brasAgain, all the bras are wireless, and Jockey promises to never, ever discontinue these styles. Let’s hope their volumetric system takes off.

contour bra soft cup bra

It took 8 years and 800 body scans to come up with the Volumetric system, and for $20 (with a $20 coupon towards your Jockey bra that feels ‘custom fit’), I think it’s worth checking out.

All images are from the Jockey website click here to check out more information or order a fit-kit.

Here’s a quick video that explains how to use the fit kit, for all you visual people out there. Just put the cheese aside and try and focus on the content.



Perfect Palette


A unique colour combination has been popping up across the board in lingerie and in swimwear: seafoam with grayed jade. Separately, the colours don’t appear as if they would make a good combination; but the pieces in the moodboard below prove otherwise. The pastels feel refreshing, yet subtle with hints of gray undertones which keeps them muted and sophisticated. A perfect palette for lounging poolside or on the beach.

seafoam_military click moodboard to enlarge.

Another interesting fact; Grayed Jade is one of Pantone’s top colours for Spring 2013. What I love about Pantone’s colour report is that different fashion designers were chosen to make a sketch representing that colour, and explain some of their own colour inspirations. Designers include Rachel Roy, Nanette Lepore and Ella Moss. I highly recommend checking it out. Below is a screen shot of Peter Som‘s take on Grayed Jade.


Moodboard bra credits: Claudette unlined underwire bra at bottom right, Princesse Tam Tam bandeau bikini, Beautiful Bottoms flamingo soft cup, and Mimi Holliday bodysuit/triangle bra and thong.